Medical Services:


Medical consultations are provided for patients of all ages with full laboratory and basic imaging tests such as ultrasounds. We also provide immunizations and physical check-ups in addition to performing any required echocardio-gram or gastrointestinal endoscopies. 

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Internal medicine, Pediatrics, General surgery, Derma-tology, and Family medicine


check-up services

Physical check up service

Physical check-ups assess a patients’ overall health and establish whether or not he/she has any health problems. During the check-up the doctor will ask a variety of health questions and will also encourage the patient to ask any questions of their own, should they have some.

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Vaccination service

KIMS Clinic provides a large range of vaccinations and establishes a patients’ vaccination schedule, as recommended by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This ensures that patients are up to date with their vaccinations or any boosters they may need. 

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Community services

Not only does the clinic care for each individual on a professional level, but we’re also interested in the health promotion of the entire community. Through education and counseling, we believe we can promote the health of those in the community by helping improve their lifestyle and health behaviors.

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Process of consultation:
Card payment: 


     We accept payment by credit/debit card:

Red bills (VAT invoices): 


A red bill is a legal document issued by the seller, containing information of the goods and services provided and received.

Additional to a standard receipt we provide our customers with a red bill for any transaction over the value of 200,000 VND.

Any patient wanting to receive a red bill, will need to provide use with the following information:

  • Tax code

  • Company name (or detail address for insurance bill)

  • Company address.


For your convenience we have listed below some insurance services and offers available in Vietnam. Follow the links below:

Monday  ~  Friday

 8:30am – 5:30pm


 8:30am – 12:30pm    

*Closed: Public holiday of Vietnam.

*Dr. Kim's off time: Tuesday afternoon and Thursday.


Consultation services with full laboratory tests, ultrasounds, endoscopies, and others

Kims clinic address:
3F, Tower A, Golden Palace
Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
-Website: / 
-Kakao talk ID: kims121

All kinds of vaccinations

Physical check-up services

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Dermatology, and Family Medicine

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3F Tower A Golden Palace APT., Me tri, Nam tu liem, Hanoi, Vietnam