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-Website: mykimsclinic.com / 
-Kakao talk ID: kims121
Kims clinic address:
3F, Tower A, Golden Palace
Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Consultation services with full Laboratory tests, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, and others

All kinds of Vaccinations

Physical check-up services

Internal medicine, Pediatrics, General surgery, Dermatology, and Family medicine

Monday  ~  Friday

 8:30am – 5:30pm


 8:30am – 12:30pm    

*Closed: Public holiday of Vietnam.

*Dr. Kim's off time: Tuesday afternoon and Thursday.


Our Clinic is an International Clinic

KIM'S Clinic is a clinic that provides an up-to-date and comprehensive medical care with international standards to patients from all nationalities on an outpatient basis. With all the needed facilities and a high qualified medical staff, KIM’S Clinic would cover all the medical conditions might affect to all family members, including children, teens, young adults, adults and elderly. Our professional areas are Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Dermatology.


At the clinic, patients would find themselves in an international setting where they would be able to communicate in an accurate and precise way with the expertise medical professionals. With multicultural and international professionals that speak different languages like Korean, English, Vietnamese, Spanish and Filipino, patients would receive a safe and excellent quality healthcare.


Comprehensive healthcare services are delivered on a basis of established medical and ethical standards of the clinic. Continuous academic and professional activities are taking place at the KIM’S clinic for enhancing the quality and safety of the clinic as well as the clinical performance of doctors, nurses and technicians.


Our clinic is a Patient-Centered Clinic

KIM’S Clinic is serving the patients as our first priority and we are deeply concern about the happiness and health of the patients. At the KIM’S Clinic, each patient is encouraged to play an active role for promoting his/her health. Patients are asked to evaluate their health and their healthcare, so doctors might be able to assess correctly patients’ perceptions of their illness as well as the medical service of the clinic. Patients will receive the attention they want and need through an increasing personal relationship, better communication, and deep empathy that ensure great treatment outcomes and an outstanding patient’s satisfaction.


Patients will receive adequate information about his/her diagnosis and prognosis with better symptom relief and health outcome through healthy lifestyle and satisfaction. At the KIM’S Clinic, the patients would be evaluated in the context of their own social worlds, they would be listened to, informed, respected, and involved in their healthcare process.

We provide comprehensive care with a strong focus on Community service

We are caring each individual patient with our profession but we are also interested in the health promotion of the entire community. Through education and counseling for the people in the community, we believe we can promote their health by improving their life style and healthy behaviors.


Balanced and healthy diet and thoughtful exercise habit play an important role in reducing metabolic & cardiovascular diseases.  Healthy lifestyles also include avoiding smoking cigarettes or alcoholic drinking as well as careful avoidance from polluted environments.

We also try to improve mental and spiritual lifestyle for the people of community.

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3F Tower A Golden Palace APT., Me tri, Nam tu liem, Hanoi, Vietnam